1. Borges was famous for his love of British literature and especially its Anglo-Saxon guts, the thorny, Germanic, Viking-inflected language he learned in his childhood. Here Borges scholars Arias and Hadis have collected 25 of his lectures on English literature, covering Beowulf to Robert Louis Stevenson, which he delivered at the University of Buenos Aires in 1966. The book’s thorough notes prove Arias’s assertion that “editing this book was like running after a Borges who was constantly getting lost among the books in a library.” As much as these lectures are shaped by Borges’s wide-ranging, omnivorous mind, they are also a demonstration of the great pleasure he found in these works of literature. This dense thicket of allusions (as only Borges could perform them) is also a profound testament of love.

    Adult Fables and Literary | Classic Returns, Library Journal

    I am really genuinely excited to have taken over LJ's “Classic Returns” column, where I'll get to talk about my favorite old books that are coming back into print. Above is a little snippet on a new collection of Borges's lectures on English literature from New Directions.

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